Peter Borszcz

Real Estate Lawyer Okanagan BC

Business law, real estate development and commercial real estate in BC’s Okanagan Valley

Peter Borszcz is a Real Estate Lawyer in BC, practicing in the areas of business law, real estate development, commercial lending and commercial real estate, with an emphasis on shopping centers, agricultural businesses (including vineyards and wineries), liquor licensing, telecommunications and utilities, commercial financing, and residential, commercial and resort developments.

As a Real Estate Lawyer Kelowna, BC; Peter has worked on numerous projects for business owners, developers, mobility and utility providers, and institutional lenders throughout the interior of British Columbia. If you search with ‘real estate lawyer near me’, you will find that Peter has extensive experience in BC real estate law related to structuring co-ownership, joint venture, and limited partnership relationships for real estate development projects; representing institutional lenders in real estate financing transactions; representing parties in the acquisition and sale of wineries and agricultural businesses; assisting with the acquisition, sale, relocation and purchase of liquor licenses; representing both landlords and tenants in commercial, retail and industrial leasing transactions and advising clients with respect to zoning, bylaw and other real estate regulatory compliance matters that are managed by BC Real Estate Lawyers in the province of British Columbia.
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Areas of Expertise

  • Real Estate Law
  • Lending and Secured Transactions
  • Corporate/Commercial Law
  • Technology Law, Franchise Law and Licensing

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