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In the context of residential real estate, 90% of the time the deals of fairly straightforward. The difficulty here is identifying the 10% of homes or deals that have issues and importantly what those issues are.

Prior to subject removal Home Buyers are in the best position to gather information and make decisions about their home. This often involves: bankers, home inspectors, city clerks, and yes, LAWYERS.

In short: Calling a lawyer BEFORE subject removal provides the BEST value for clients.

Buyers are always concerned with fees (see my fee post here), so often they are hesitant to contact a lawyer before they purchase a home and Lawyers have earned an unfortunate reputation of “clocking” the very first phone call with a client.

There are lots of law firms in town… so whats different about Montgomery Miles & Stone Law Firm?

  1. Buyers who are referred by our Referring Realtors get connected directly with Peter, usually immediately if he is available;
  2. If Peter is meeting with clients, all Referred Buyers have their email or telephone call returned within a few hours;
  3. Referred Buyers are never billed for that initial phone call (yes its FREE, the timer is off), even if they don’t proceed to purchase that home.
  4. The following key points are discussed in detail:
    1. Review of any apparent legal issues based on the home, the neighborhood and our local knowledge;
    2. The binding nature of the contract after subject removal;
    3. The importance of due diligence and home inspection and strata document review;
    4. A brief overview of the land titles and a discussion about whether an full title review is warranted on a case by case basis;
    5. A discussion about what legal services are required for each deal and what the costs may be (our firm quote follows by email); and,
    6. Instructions on next steps as the closing date nears;

If you have a client that has questions, direct them to call us (250-980-3360), and importantly… ensure they know your referral gets them “in the front door” [pun intended :)].

By Kelowna Real Estate Lawyer Peter Borszcz