Don’t Break the (Strata) Rules….

In a strata community (including condos, townhouse and bare land strata) home owners choose to be “all in it together”. The common vision for the community is enforced by strata rules and bylaws. Restrictions include:

  • Pets – number and type of animals allowed
  • Age – some properties are adult living only where small children are not permitted
  • Rentals – minimum or maximum time period that a unit can be rented may be enforced
  • Noise – quiet times and prohibition on noisy activities
  • Smoking – yes, including on balcony in some cases

Breaking the rules is costly! Read the rules and bylaws before you remove subject conditions.  Strata corporations can fine misbehaving owners up to:

  • $200 for a bylaw contravention / week
  • $500 for a rental bylaw contravention/ week
  • $50 for each rule contravention

Contact us at 250-762-5434 or for more information.

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