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This week I had the pleasure of working with a great group of first time home buyers. They were looking an older home in a very desirable area of Kelowna.  This home was one of only a small handful of properties in their price range in the area, so it was a true “diamond in the rough”.

When the home inspection revealed that there was a modest amount of mould in the attic due to a detached bathroom vent, the buyers were heartbroken.

(note: above picture illustrative only)

Lawyers are not home inspectors or contractors and therefore we cannot provide professional advice on the “quality of a premises”. Together with their professional Realtor, we recommended an secondary air quality inspection.

It is important to remember that all home inspectors are generalists, where the home inspection reveals a potential issues, Buyers should be encouraged to get secondary professional advice on that issue to manage and quantify the problem. 

The results of the air quality test showed that the mould issue was not extending beyond the small area of the attic space and that the home’s air quality was good. The first time home buyers were, of course, elated, and along with their thanks shared a bit of their celebration with the firm…. as they sabre’d a bottled of bubbly… congrats guys 🙂


Written by Kelowna Real Estate Lawyer Peter Borszcz