By Peter Borszcz / Buyers, Tenants /

Buying a home with existing tenants involves a few additional obligations on buyers and sellers as

  1. there is another party involved (the tenant), and
  2. there are additional provincial laws that appy (the Residential Tenancy Act). Prior to considering the purchase of a rental property buyers should ensure
    a) that the suite is a legal suite (as opposed to the commonly marketed “inlaw suite”) and
    b) that there are no strata bylaws which prohibit the rental.

If the new Buyer is planning to Move In to the Property:
**** Ensure the Tenant is given property notice to vacate – the notice can only be given a) once the Purchase Contract is subject free, and b) the tenant must have 60 days from day before the next rental payment date. This means, if rent is due on the 1st for a periodic monthly tenancy, and you give notice to the tenant on April 15th, the tenant does NOT have to move out until June 30 (60 days following April 30, the effective date of notice)

If the Tenant is staying resident on the Property
*** the Buyer should review the residential tenancy agreement to ensure that a) it is valid and enforceable and b) that the rent and damage deposit is properly adjusted on closing (note interest adjustment is required here under the Residential Tenancy Act)