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I often get asked by Realtors to provide a “fee schedule” and I often say “it depends” because until I can see a contract and a title search I really don’t know what work needs to be done for a particular client.

Some firms provide “all in” quotes, however I believe these can be problematic for tightly budgeted clients as they do NOT include all charges. Be aware that usually third party fees (often called disbursements) such as property transfer tax, strata form fees, plan fees, move-in/out fees, insurance binder costs, and trust administration fees are NOT included in these all in quotes.

Here are some “real examples” of Pihl Legal Fees which all closed in June 2012:

  1. Simple Purchase + Mortgage of a single family home in Rutland: Legal Fees $685 (All-In Comparison $1085)
  2. Foreclosure and Distressed Sale of a single family home in Central Kelowna (with three months of negotiation with lender’s lawyers): Legal Fees: $1500
  3. Completion of a File on 12 hours Notice with a Mortgage at the End of June: “priceless”… well actually legal fees were $1285… but we still pulled it off…. 🙂

The bottom line is that I believe our fees are very competitive while offering the personal, outstanding service to our clients. If your clients are looking for a new lawyer, please have them give me a call, I am always happy to talk personally (without obligation) to any clients who are referred to us from any of our referring Realtors.